Do More with PTO: Provide Choice and Assist Employees in Need

PTO Exchange is a benefits platform that turns unused paid time off (PTO) hours into liquid assets that can be converted into things employees value – retirement accounts, student loan repayment, travel awards, charitable causes and more…


What is PTO Exchange?

PTO Exchange is a benefits platform that turns accrued vacation hours into liquid assets that employees can spend on individual needs and the causes they care about. This gives companies an attractive no-cost benefit that uniquely serves every employee in the organization. And it all works within the system you have in place today.


It Pays Off for Both HR and Finance

It’s savvy to reduce PTO balance sheet liabilities while enhancing talent recruiting and retention. In simple terms, it pays off for both HR and Finance. Both will appreciate the returns for enhancing PTO benefits and reducing corporate liability. We’re happy to show the payoff for your organization and specific situation.

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"We compete heavily for scientific talent. PTO Exchange helps us attract and retain employees and differentiate us in the marketplace."

— David N., InformedDNA

Exchange PTO for..

Unused PTO can be transformed into financial assets, community giving, or travel awards. And this is just the start!


Financial Wellness

Enable employees to contribute to and manage their financial wellness. Unused PTO can be used for:

  • Retirement Accounts
  • Student Loans
  • Health Care Expenses / HSAs

Travel Awards

What if you could exchange some unused PTO to pay for your vacation? Now it's possible.

  • Hotel
  • Flights
  • Cruises

Community Giving

Employees can give to over 1 million certified non-profit organizations, causes, and even colleagues in need.

  • Share with co-workers
  • Give to non-profits
  • Contribute to disaster relief


PTO Exchange works with world-class companies in the benefits industry. If your organization works with any of these partners, ask them about PTO Exchange and how it might work within your organization and specific situation.

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Start Making a Difference Today

PTO Exchange has the only patented solution in the US that allows employees to apply the value of their unused paid time off to a range of priorities, including but not limited to contributing to a 401(k) or other retirement account, paying down student loans, covering an emergency expense, donating to a favorite charity, sharing with co-workers, or funding vacation costs. The PTO Exchange platform addresses and manages the multitude of state and federal tax laws and compliance requirements so employees can access this form of compensation without unexpected tax consequences.

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